We refund 10% of money spent on services or products in the Sports category, which includes:

sporting goods and clothing stores

sports clubs, sections, dance studios

bowling and billiards

Sports cashback is charged on your own and credit. Cashback is paid once a month.

The minimum amount to be paid is 100 UAH, the maximum - 555 UAH. If the cashback amount is less than 100 UAH on the day of payment, the payment is postponed to the next month.

The estimated cashback amount (excluding taxes) can be found in the sportbank application online.

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Procedure for consideration of customer appeals
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About personal data protection

By providing a phone number and pressing the «start» button in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On the Protection of Personal Data» No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010. I provide OKCI BANK JSC and TASCOMBANK JSC (hereinafter referred each separately to as the Bank) consent and authorize the processing of my personal data (name, mobile phone, email address, etc.), including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, use, destruction, transfer of my personal data to third parties to the extent determined by the Bank at its discretion, for the purpose of collecting and processing statistical information and conducting marketing research, offers (advertising) by the Bank or other persons of banking, financial and other services. I provide my consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the above conditions for 10 (ten) years. I confirm that I know the purpose of use of my personal data, and I provide my consent to the use of my personal data.

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Get a credit limit of up to 120 days grace period

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Our goal is to be a financial partner for everyone who loves sports. You run, you work, you dance, you travel, you want to be in trend, you love - it's all about you, it's all a sport that is in your daily life. It is not important to have Olympic achievements, it is important to live 100%, this is a real sport. So sportbank unites Ukrainians in the sports community. Get the benefits of financial services online with us and live sports!

Be with sportbank.
Get closer to sports.
Be closer to victories!

Users of smartphones based on Android or iOS can become a client of sportbank.

Sportbank became the best Ukrainian fintech startup of 2019 (according to the PSM Awards).

Total benefits!



Get rewarded for purchases

We return 10% of the spent funds:
- in sporting goods;
- in sports clubs, groups, dance studios, etc;
- for bowling and billiards.



Credit limit
up to 100 000 UAH

Reach your goals

Conveniently order a revolving credit limit of up to 100 000 UAH in the mobile app.

The term for which the loan is issued is on demand, except for the loan amount, which is a positive difference between 100 UAH and the amount of the monthly payment. The real annual interest rate is from 0.01% to 121.77% per annum. The maximum loan amount is 100,000 UAH.
Detailed conditions for providing financial services on



Up to 120 days of grace period

Achieve the victory

Up to 120 days grace period. Assessment takes place on the first day of the month in which the credit limit was received.
It is very simple to stay 62 days longer in the grace period: every month turn over the funds spent for the previous period without interest.



Bring a friend and get from 55 UAH on the account

Assemble your team

Invite your friends, relatives and gather your team into the bank's sports community. The referral program allows you to receive from 55 to 105 UAH for each activated card by your link.



Transfers to sportbank cards
are not charged

Enjoy the benefits

We do not charge transfers to sportbank cards. Transfers to cards of other banks it is not charged — 10 times per month beyond — 2% per operation (4,9% at the expense of credit funds).



Times per month free withdrawal at any ATM

Get the championship

Cash withdrawal at any ATM in Ukraine 5 times a month without bank charges. Further withdrawal - 2% per operation. Credit funds withdrawal - 4.9%.

Services for champions
  • Free online registration and card maintenance.
  • Delivery of the card by courier free of charge.
  • Active information support 24/7 by phone, in telegram, viber, messenger.
  • Credit limit up to UAH 100 000, for sports dreams and more, with the first grace period of up to 120 days, and subsequent up to 62 days.
  • Keep in the tone of sportscashback – 10% for purchases in the category "Sports".
  • Profitable referral program for team players, where for everyone invited friend you get a cash bonus from 55 to 105 UAH, and your friend – 55 UAH.
  • Free card-to-card transfers (P2P transfers) to not slow down.
  • Useful bonus – free mobile top-up.
  • Payment via Apple and Google Pay – for those who are in trend.
Receiving a card
Free of charge
Card replenishment
Free of charge
Mobile top-ups
It is not charged — 10 times per month
beyond — 2% per operation
Transfers to cards of other banks
It is not charged — 10 times per month
beyond — 2% per operation (4,9% at the expense of credit funds)
Transfers between sportbank cards
It is not charged
Payments on details to the accounts of other banks
Free of charge up to 10 000 UAH/month
beyond – 0,75% of the amount (4,9% at the expense of credit funds)
Cash withdrawal from an ATM in Ukraine
It is not charged — 5 times per month
beyond – 2% per operation (4,9% at the expense of credit funds)
% on the balance
2% (TASCOMBANK) 1,8% (Okci Bank)
Cashback on sporting goods
Functionality of the mobile application
10% Sportscashback
on the balance
Credit limit
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Under development
and protection

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Use up to 120 days of grace period
Pay by card and get 10% sports cashback*
* In accordance with
sportbank card tariffs
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