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We launch modern financial instrument, a mobile bank for people loving sports and sport events. We invite you to test the sportbank mobile application!

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Mobile bank

Why sportbank?

sportbank is a modern mobile bank without branches and extra papers, a technological banking product and service that helps Ukrainians to keep active lifestyle and at the same time makes it possible to manage their personal finances faster, easier and more cost-effectively.

All your own money operations are clear and accessible right from the smartphone app, making it much easier to manage your finances.

sportbank rewards customers for their lifestyle: we provide cashback for purchase of goods and services related to active lifestyle and sports. We plan joint projects with partners in the various sports lifestyles (sports clubs, sportswear stores, sports and health food manufacturers, and more).

We are focused on Ukrainians who lead to active lifestyle and will make the best deals for this group of people.


Bank in the smartphone -
online operations 24/7


The card will be delivered by the courier


Free replenishments and internal transfers


Tips, personal account


Partial refund of the spent funds


Speaks simply and clearly


Order and service the card online

Mobile bank
Mobile bank

Amazing ideas. Technological solutions.

sportbank is a project of Dyvotech IT and N1

We have many years of experience and expertise in banking and IT, as well as a number of successfully implemented fintech projects: credit factories, payment solutions, loyalty programs, CRM systems and more. Such a serious background of the team and a significant knowledge base in the financial sector made it possible to create a modern, up-to-date technological banking product and at the same time a functional mobile application for Ukrainians who are passionate about sports and active lifestyles.

Physical activity, passion for sports are values ​​shared by our team. We believe this is what modern Ukrainian society needs. We will support the development of both professional and amateur sports.

Available features and plans
2% for the balance
24/7 support
Credit line
Referral program
Google Pay
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Coming soon
Utility bill
and protection
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We refund 10% of money spent on services or products in the Sports category, which includes:

sporting goods and clothing stores

sports clubs, sections, dance studios

bowling and billiards

Sports cashback is charged on your own and credit. Cashback is paid once a month.

The minimum amount to be paid is 100 UAH, the maximum - 555 UAH. If the cashback amount is less than 100 UAH on the day of payment, the payment is postponed to the next month.

The estimated cashback amount (excluding taxes) can be found in the sportbank application online.

Have any questions? sportbank answers!
0 800 753 555

Free of charge from any phones within Ukraine.

[email protected]

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